Specializing in Medicaid Program Integrity

Who We Are

Miner, Gregory & Miller Consulting (MGM) was established in January 2014. The basic premise and organizing force behind MGM is simple – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Paul Miner, Don Gregory and Robb Miller bring decades of diverse experience in Medicaid Program Integrity to the table, both at the state and federal level.  Their range of experience is both wide and deep – from State PI director and State Medicaid Director, to State Medicaid Inspector General and federal leader, to founder, organizer and leader of CMS’s Medicaid Integrity Program.  All have been national leaders in the PI arena.  All have initiated and worked on many state/federal PI initiatives.  All have worked closely with many current federal and state leaders on issues related to PI.  Simply stated, MGM’s team approach provides its clients with real world, health care program integrity experience.

Services Offered

 As an independent contractor, MGM offers professional services which may include, but are not limited to, the following:

·      Short and long-term strategic planning,

·      Strategic input, advice and counsel regarding business proposals,

·      Review and feedback on business proposals, as well as major projects, such as PI implications and requirements in transitions from fee-for-service to managed care,

·      Presentations to potential business partners such as federal and state agencies, including law enforcement agencies such as CMS, federal and state OIG and DOJ,

·      At times, serve as liaisons to organizations integrally involved with PI problems and solutions, such as NAMPI, NAMD, CMS, etc.

·      Provide strategic insight into the operations of the major organizations at the core of Medicaid PI policy and operations, e.g., CMS, state Medicaid agencies, etc.

Contracting Arrangements

MGM can offer prospective clients either a retainer agreement or a project-by-project negotiated fee arrangement.  Currently, MGM has major clients utilizing both types of contracting arrangements.